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    Expect The Absolute Best

in Quality and Workmanship                                           

Fisher Electric LLC is an Electrical Contracting Company that strives to deliver a higher level of workmanship and value to our customers.  Fisher Electric LLC is a trusted name with a proven track record of providing unparalleled customer service.  We have the experience and expertise to design and build both commercial and residential electrical projects in several different facets of the electrical field.   



Ductless Mini-Split Heat          Pump Systems

Fisher Electric LLC sells, installs, and services Kohler, Cummins, and Generac Emergency Standby Generators.  Ranging from small residential installations to larger commercial installations, Fisher Electric LLC is unmatched in the generator business because we complete the entire job!  No need to coordinate several different companies for the installation.  We prepare the site and set the generator, and an licensed Master Electrician will perform the electrical portion of the installation.  Our great service doesn't have to stop here!  We service what we sell!  We offer competitively priced service contracts, service and repairs, and remote monitoring, to keep your generator on the ready for that next outage.  Stop by out showroom to learn more about generators and to see our display units.           

Fisher Electric LLC is your one stop shop for Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump Systems.  An investment in your home or business of this size warrants careful consideration in terms of the quality of the equipment used and the qualifications of the company installing it.  Fisher Electric LLC exclusively sells, installs, and services Mitsubishi Mini-Split Heat Pumps systems.  We are manufacturer trained, EPA certified in HVAC, and every installation is performed by an Licensed Electrician, making us more qualified than most of our competitors.  Fisher Electric LLC is proud to have been awarded Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor status, which not only ensures proper sizing and installation of the systems, but it also allows us to offer an exclusive 12 year manufacturer warranty.  We offer free home or business cooling and heating needs assessments, as well as Efficiency Vermont and Local utility rebate consultation. Stop by our showroom to learn more and to see our operational Mitsubishi heat pump displays.                






When portable power generation is needed, Fisher Electric LLC has all your needs covered. We carry proven and trusted household name brands, like Cummins/Onan, Kohler, Generac, and more.  Our line up includes the small "suit case" style inverter generators, capable of quietly running for 10 hours on just one gallon of gasoline, as well as the larger remote start inverter models.  When duty calls for more power, check out our Dual Fuel models that run on both Gasoline or LP Gas and be started remotely using a key fob. These larger portable models can also be integrated into a homes existing electrical system, allowing the whole home to be operational during an outage.  Every generator is completely assembled, checked over, and tested before delivery or pick-up.                 

We Won't Leave You In The Dark!

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      We pride ourselves on            treating people right and       producing quality work. No        matter what the size or             scope  of your electrical           project, when you hire         locally owned and operated   Fisher Electric LLC, you can      expect nothing less than                        the best.

  Fisher Electric LLC is a local      name that has a proven track       record of Trust, Reliability,        and Experience. We are licensed and fully insured.  We stay up to date on all local, state, and national electrical codes, as well as the products that we use and       the services that we provide.       

     We offer eco friendly energy  

      efficient electrical  solutions.

    Environmentally friendly LED

   lighting is a great way to update

     your lighting and help reduce       

 energy costs. We believe in saving

      our environment whenever

    possible and will recycle your

bulbs and old fixtures after project 


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