•   A powerful and economical solenoid powers RA Transfer Switches.

  •   Independent break-before-make action is common for 2-pole.

  •   Mechanical interlock prevents simultaneous closing of normal and emergency contacts.

  •   Electrical interlocks prevent simultaneous closing signals to normal and emergency contacts and interconnection of normal and emergency sources through the control wiring.

  •   Long-life, high pressure, silver alloy contacts resist burning and pitting. Contacts are mechanically held in both normal and emergency positions for reliable, quiet operation.

Cummins Onan RA Series 200 Amp Service Entrance Rated Automatic Transfer Switch

SKU: A045P697
  • Voltage rating   Transfer switches up to 240 VAC, 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
    Amperage rating   Transfer switches rated for 100, 200 and 400 A continuous amperes.
    Arc interruption   Multiple leaf arc chutes cool and quench the arcs. Barriers prevent interphase flashover.

    Neutral bar   A full current-rated neutral bar is standard on enclosed 2-pole transfer switches.

    Auxiliary contacts Two contacts rated at 5A continuous at 100 VAC or 2.5A continuous at 200 VAC (one for each source) are provided for customer use. Wired to terminal block for easy access.

    Storage temperature   -25 C (-13 F) to 55 C (131 F)Humidity   Up to 90% @ 20C

    Altitude   Up to 2,000 m (6,561 ft) without derating

    Total transfer time(source-to-source) Will not exceed 100 msecs with normal voltage applied to the actuator.
    Manual operation handles Transfer switches are equipped with a removable operating handle which allows operation during servicing in order to facilitate troubleshooting with sources of power disconnected

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